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Our technologically advanced inspection process along with our state of the art sampling strategy is the most comprehensive way to keep you breathing easy!

Our Inspection Process
Heres How We Do It

Step 1 - Learn

Inspection Process

Gathering information from you is an important step for us to better understand the current issues you and your home are experiencing.  First you will fill out this form providing details about your property, next we spend time with you on the phone to review the details and then we finally see and work with you face to face. Our goal is to collect as much data as possible about past and present water events that took place in your home; all of which leads to clues to help us identify sources areas of concern.

Step 2 - Investigate

Inspection Process

We begin with the exterior of your home first addressing any areas where moisture could intrude into the building envelope. Then we will examine all accessible areas within the living space, the attic and the lowest level of the home.  We check inside the HVAC systems/ductwork. During the inspection we will use an infrared camera and moisture meter.  Allowing us to see beyond the naked eye, within wall, floor and ceiling cavities for potential source areas that could be leading to mold issues.

Step 3 - Test

Inspection Process

After the inspection is performed, our Consultant will review and discuss all the areas of concern and suspect areas of contamination.  Then they will develop a sampling strategy that is specific to what was discovered during the inspection to validate the presence of mold, mycotoxins, bacteria and any other microbial and/or chemical issues of concern. Learn 

Step 4 - Analyze

Inspection Process

All samples are sent to a third party accredited laboratories for analysis.  Upon receipt of the lab results our team of consultants review the information and notes from the inspection.

Step 5 - Report

Inspection Process

After each investigation when all the labs are delivered, we will put together a detailed report with pictures of observations, test results, remediation protocols and considerations for next steps.


Step 6 - Educate

Inspection Process

The report is delivered to you by email and it contains the action plan for your next steps.  It is very important that you understand the information in the report so we take the time to help you understand it. First we have you read through it and email us questions and then a consult appointment is set up to review your questions and areas of the report you want to know more about.

Our Mission

Is rooted in providing you, your family and health professionals with critical data points about your home’s indoor air quality.

Client Testimonials

“I was provided a detailed report of the mold inspection via email about 10 days after the inspection with my results and their recommendations. I would highly recommend The Mold Guy.”
- Anonymous
“I’m grateful to Mark for helping my family to get better. It was such a mystery for me and my family. Who would ever think that your house could be sick! But it makes sense! We live and breathe in homes that are living systems that also have to be taken care of! I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone that may be going through similar situations.”
- Evelyn S.
“I was a little unsure about the process. Loui was really great about explaining the whole process. In the predicament I am in with my apartment, The Mold Guy really shed light on us in a very dark situation. I hope you never need to be in a position to hire a mold inspector but if you are, I would highly recommend The mold Guy.”
- Carlos P.