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Our state of the art sampling strategy along with our technologically advanced inspection process is the most comprehensive way to keep you breathing easy!

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Our mission is rooted in providing you, your family and health professionals with critical data points about your home’s indoor air quality.

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Mold Testing

We perform mold testing and black mold testing in commercial, residential, schools, hospitals and hotels. We send all samples to a third party accredited lab to provide you with the most accurate and fastest results possible.

ERMI & Mycotoxin

We are able to test for molds down to the species level and determine if the environment is allowing for the molds to produce toxins called Mycotoxins. We always use the most cutting edge testing methods available. 


Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by a variety of bacterial pathogens. Our Certified Professionals have the training and background to investigate the source of the issue and understand proper testing methodologies to identify the pathogen.


ERMI, HERTSMI-2, Mycotoxin, Mold Dust Testing, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Testing, Indoor Allergen Testing, Bacteria Testing (Endotoxin & Actinobacteria), Heavy Metal Testing and Chemical Testing to help you restore a safe environment.

Infrared Testing

Infrared testing allows for a non-intrusive thermal assessment to determine potential hidden moisture and water problems in areas such as finished basements, wall and ceiling cavities, ceilings, high water table areas, flood prone basements and rooms, pipe leaks roof leaks and more.

Mold Investigation

We perform mold investigation and assessment of residential and commercial buildings. During our visual mold investigation, we use a wealth of technology (outlined above) to identify sick building syndrome contamination, sources of mold and airborne mold contamination. 

Our Inspection Process

The Mold Guy

Client Testimonials

“I was provided a detailed report of the mold inspection via email about 10 days after the inspection with my results and their recommendations. I would highly recommend The Mold Guy.”
- Anonymous
“I’m grateful to Mark for helping my family to get better. It was such a mystery for me and my family. Who would ever think that your house could be sick! But it makes sense! We live and breathe in homes that are living systems that also have to be taken care of! I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone that may be going through similar situations.”
- Evelyn S.
“I was a little unsure about the process. Loui was really great about explaining the whole process. In the predicament I am in with my apartment, The Mold Guy really shed light on us in a very dark situation. I hope you never need to be in a position to hire a mold inspector but if you are, I would highly recommend The mold Guy.”
- Carlos P.

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