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Our Mission & Vision

The Mold Guy was founded in 2005 as the result of a simple observation: dealing with mold contamination is overwhelming and scary. Questions like “Will mold make me sick?” and “Do I need to leave my home right now?” fly through your mind the instant you suspect a mold problem. The stress and uncertainty that comes along with a mold problem is as big of an issue as the mold itself.

This led Mark Levy to create the vision for an indoor air quality company that is rooted in providing you, your family and your doctor with hard data points about your home’s indoor air quality.

We accomplish this for you by implementing a technologically advanced inspection process, not available anywhere else.  This process was developed by industry experts in order to arm you with hard data points that are most relevant to you. Then together, with the help of your doctor, you will be better equipped to answer those difficult questions most important to you.  

The Mold Guy is on a mission to help you breathe easy! 

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